About Us

Founded in 2009. We are the authorized sales distributor of China HongYang fuel dispenser in Myanmar. We do Heavy Machinery Rental Services ,Gasoline & Diesel Trading and Construction.

Our vision is to provide a high level of customer service with the ultimate aim of achieving customer value and customer satisfaction .

Our mission is to bring smile and satisfy to our customers .

Chairman: U Phone Kyaw
Managing Director: U Thaw Zin Kyaw Kyaw
Employee: +80

Message from MD

     Michelia Group of Company Ltd., was founded in 2009, with Mr.Thaw Zin Kyaw Kyaw serving as the Managing Director.
     Mr.Thaw Zin Kyaw Kyaw completed his 3rd Year of University in 2006 and started his career in 2009.In 2011, he acted as a Managing Director for a car showroom which he founded with 4 other members. Up until 2012, the showroom offered the services of ordering cars from foreign countries according to the people’s demand.
     Our first operation as Michelia Group of Co. Ltd., consisted of being the first official representative for importing China Hong Yang fuel dispensers. Before his car showroom business, Mr.Thaw Zin Kyaw Kyaw started a heavy machinery rental service business, starting with 2 excavators. Branching out of our normal work area, he managed the construction of a railway path in Rakhine division, with a self-contract. In 2014, we joined the construction of the Asia Road, under Steel Stone Co.,Ltd(the main contract), taking the responsibility for a part if the road and offering services such as earth working and hardcore. In 2015, Michelia Group of Compaines ventured deeper into this sector of business by conducting more earth working, road paving, and constructing irrigation channels while working alongside the government (main con). Using our contacts, we started obtaining government tenders in the 2015-2017.

Furthermore, the license to import Japan Tominaga fuel dispensers officially was obtained in the same year. In 2017, we re-exported more than 4000 tons tons of sugar, and as for now, we are continuing the businesses and projects that we have established in the past.
      We initiated our career in construction by starting PAE services in 2015. In 2016, we have completed building two mini condos, consisting of 8.5 stories, in South Okkalapa, Yangon. As a collaborative effort with Khit Mi Oo Company, the construction of a 9 story condo started in Thamine, Yangon, in 2017 and is going on until now. As for machinery, there are 6 excavators, 1 road roller, 1bulldozer, 1 converter and 5 dump trucks are ready to be used.
     This vision of Michelia of Companies Ltd, is to give customers ultimate satisfaction and value.Customers always come first for us, and afterwards is the design of our product, the quality,after sales service and the safety and effiicienty. The companies that we have established a good relationship with are: Nilar Yoma, YKK, Kaung Zaw Hein, Phoe La Min, Farmer Petrol, Suntac Engineering Technologies, and Steel Stone.
     As many foreign companies are coming into Myanmar due to the new government system, it is an opportunity to operate as a trustworthy representative from Myanmar’s side while working together with them and offering them the service they want. As we have extended experience in construction, earth working, railway construction, and have a qualified team of engineers, we are more than suitable to venture into new construction projects. Simultaneously, due to Michelia Group Co Ltd.,’s experience regarding petrol stations, we can offer to our clients a one-stop service for establishing a petrol station. This consists of searching for a location, completing paperwork, construction the station, inserting the disoensers, and everything else up until the station is ready to start operating.